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  • Combines all of the functions of the Self-Canceling Turn Signal Module and our Tri-Star Module converting your rear turn signals to function as additional brake lights
  • Sends partial intensity power to your turn signals to act as additional running lights
  • When the brakes are applied, the turn signal lights illuminate; if a turn signal is applied, it has priority over the brake light function on the side that is selected; if the turn signal is canceled and the brakes are still applied, the brake light functions of the turn signal lights illuminate steady on
  • Engineered for the custom builder or to retro-fit motorcycles not already equipped with self-canceling turn signals
  • Designed for use with individual momentary type turn signal switches mounted on the left and right handle bars; will NOT work on models with left and right turn signal switch built into one unit that requires push to cancel
  • Adds brake light function to turn signals
  • Flash time is consistent whether using incandescent or L.E.D. lighting; Non load dependent
  • All flash modes can be cancelled with a second push of the turn signal button
  • Solid-state electrical components with weather-proof, soft cell technology to prevent wire damage

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Signal Dynamics Penta-Star XP Control Module
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