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Note: California law generally prohibits the sale and installation of aftermarket exhaust products UNLESS such products are installed on vehicles that did not come originally equipped with catalytic converters or are used only for racing and are never used upon a California highway.

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Replacement Baffle, Fits Legacy Chrome 4-1 Mufflers
product # VH7005
Replacement Baffle, Fits Legacy Pro Pipe 4-1 Mufflers
product # VH7006
Replacement Baffle, Fits Legacy SS2-R Mufflers
product # VH7010
Fiberglass Packing Kit for 2-1 mufflers
product # VH7003
Fiberglass Packing Kit for 2-2 Quiet mufflers
product # VH7004
Fiberglass Packing Kit for Legacy 4-1 mufflers
product # VH7000
Fiberglass Packing Kit for Legacy SS2-R mufflers
product # VH7001
Tune Kit for Legacy Chrome 4-1 Collectors
product # VH7049
Replacement Universal Fiberglass Packing Kit
product # VH7002